Tinris, The Adventures of the Crew of the Bright Star

Tinris, Season One - Episode Fourteen

Further down the Tower

The Bright Star arrives in Pasyd; Moz & Ismek go to the meeting hall on touchdown and explain the party’s exploration of the The Tower of Arana Sanys and their finding the petrified Larondae Lightfoot and her subsequent return to a fleshly state and delivery of twins with Gnimish’s assistance. Sumack is led to the ship and the woman and both her children are examined and escorted to the meeting hall by Elwood, Aika, Brother Joshua, Gnimish, and Moz.

It is noted that the children are showing signs of “elemental contamination” from having existed in a petrified state for so long, though it does not appear that the children will suffer any lasting negative effects from it. Sumack casts Greater Restoration upon the mother and, as an aside, tells Aika that she is one of the good ones.

Thereafter, the crew returns to the ship, save Moz and Elwood who both travel to the library to research Arana Sanys (and Gnimish, who goes out, finds, and purchases a pair of Goggles of Minute Seeing). Her name does not appear in the records after six hours of research…but an unnamed archmage did appear in records dating from the Time of Legends in relation to a band of heroes that also sought divine ascension. Possibly as adversaries.

The pair return to the ship, Moz checking on Larondae in Sumack’s care before giving the order to the Bright Star to lift. The ship takes an equatorial orbit (the rest of the crew is long since asleep) and Moz talks with the ship until sleep takes him as well.

The following morning, the crew returns to the Tower. Today’s exploration sees the party exploring a level dedicated to extensive mud baths (featuring a giant sapphire as the shell to a flush toilet!) and a level containing a spectral angelic orchestra before descending further to the “final” floor – that would appear to contain many petrified creatures that the party decides to deal with another day.

The party descends further, into a level that Moz is certain is below the ground (the first, effective, “dungeon level” of the tower) to find a subterranian rose garden cut through with a garden path. Traveling for a time, the party comes upon a sleeping mountain lion – no sooner does Gnimish identify the lion (sleeping in a sunbeam through a hole in the cavern roof no less) as an illusion as the creature stands revealed as a gynosphinx.

After a round of riddles which Quid, Elwood, and Goh win at, the Sphinx gives up her treasure chest and departs. The chest turns out to contain an adamantine necklace, two wooden boxes with sliding lids (each containing decks of cards), and a chime.

One of the decks of cards turns out to be a Deck of Many Things. Moz identifies it from a handful of effects (Gnimish is showered in 50 exquisitely cut gemstones after receiving an intelligence boost; Elwood inherits a small keep in the vicinity of Pasyd. Goh is “judged” and – feeling motivated by the “entropy leak” changes her alignment to chaotic good.) before putting the kybosh on that until they are safely aboard ship. The party presses onward to a vast field of roses that, when picked (by Moz, for the ship) result in wand of wonder-like effects. In fact, Moz becomes purple again.

It is on this note that the crew depart back to the ship. Moz sets the ship on course for the Keep and retires for the bath. En route, Quid (into whose possession the Deck has been emplaced) draws a similar result and so on arrival it becomes clear that Keep has doubled in non-Euclidian faerie size. (Quid also identifies the adamantine necklace as a Talisman of the Sphere.)

After arrival, it takes the crew most of four days to explore the bizarre architecture of the combined Keep(s). Gnimish stays on board the Bright Star, finishing his Tome of Clear Thought in the meantime.



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