Tinris, The Adventures of the Crew of the Bright Star

Tinris, Season One - Episode Nineteen

Season One Finale

In the aftermath of divine visitation, Aika and Brother Joshua adjourn to Aika’s quarters for some much needed physical release and the remaining crew generally fall out for a day’s rest. Gnimish and Goh pair up and head for Gnimish’s quarters in a manner very similar to Aika and Joshua. The remaining crew return to general quarters for light duty.

After a day’s rest to allow the crew to return to their full battle readiness, an all hands meeting is called on the bridge of the Bright Star. Moz is inclined to take only Brother Joshua, Ismek and himself down to face the final conflict against Arvana herself… only to find himself at the hands of a mutiny. Glorian, Goh, and Elwood remain aboard ship while everyone else gears up and readies to plumb the final depths of the Tower. After clearing through a floor by floor sweep, Moz and company arrive at the Gaol on dungeon level five. Explaining that he is proceeding alone on a ‘recruitment mission’, Moz enters the Gaol proper and begins negotiations with several of the prisoners. In exchange for their freedom, they are asked to help in his quest to end Arvana. Thus, a Mind Flayer, 4 Positive Energy creatures (Ravids), 10 Tengu from the Honshonu Valley, a mutant bear from a post-atomic Earth (circa 2471AD), 4 Hound Archons, and 10 Succubi join forces to bring an end to the Tower’s mistress. Also liberated, though very much unintentionally so, an Invisible Stalker proceeds to wait for the Gaol’s main door to be open before ambushing Moz. A full battle royale erupts amongst the archons and the demons, Moz caught in the center and fighting the stalker. After the archons are all put down, the succubi properly cowed and the invisible stalker killed, peace of a sort returns.

And so is formed a motley and unlikely alliance proceed downstairs to the temple of Arvana Sanys. Genuflecting at an altar, upon which rests an Elven woman, a blue clad small creature. After entering the room and positioning themselves for combat, there is no response from either being at the altar. Gnimish unleashes a blast of chain lightning from one of his wands, being rewarded with an otherworldly scream from the blue clad creature, who reveals herself to be Arvana herself in ghostly form.

The crew and their otherworldly allies close in quickly to do battle, only to watch as the archmage’s ghost vanishes into a cloud of temporal energy. Aika moves in on the altar and decapitates the elf thereupon, following that by impaling her as others move in to determine the ghost’s whereabouts. With still no sign of Arvana, Aika discovers a reliquary case ensconced within the altar under the woman’s now mutilated (and exsanguinated) body. In the case, the preserved but dessicated remains of a cat. Determined to have action, Aika rifles the cat’s remains and thus the final fetter holding Arvana Sanys to the mortal realms. Arvana’s time stop ends abruptly and, in a final moment of lucidity, thanks the party for helping her move on. The ghost of the feline whose remains were disturbed drifts up and greets Aika and those standing near the altar. Explaining that she is Arvana’s final familiar and most beloved in life and introducing herself as Cloudstuff, the ghostcat provides a small bit of denouement and fills in some blanks. It was her, in Elven form, that stole the final page of Arvana’s apotheotic tome, hiding it in an effort to prevent her mistress from ascending and becoming a monstrosity of epic proportions in her divine madness. Cloudstuff further details where this final page is hidden, at which time the remaining succubi bolt to find the page while the party digests the information thus provided.

After a moment, and by psionic communication, Moz dispatches Aika upstairs through the hole created by the Sphere of Annihilation in the ceiling to implore Ilfandra for assistance in spiriting the apotheotic book away for safe keeping. Aika quickly flies to do so while the rest fight a delaying action. Aika contacts Ilfandra without delay, securing Her assistance in the matter. She bids Aika to thank the Captain with a big kiss and tucks the book away into thin air. Aika returns downstairs with a divine mandate to combat the demons.

Downstairs, the succubi find themselves greatly harried by Gnimish and Moz while the rest close in for combat. The demons are allowed to escape back to the Abyss with the page, thus completing Moz’s plan for keeping the completed work from falling into anyone’s grasp without great effort.

In the aftermath, the tengu and the mutant bear are offered positions aboard the Bright Star. The tengu decline, and are led to the Gate room upstairs – choosing the pass through the Gate to the plane Lamasery. The bear accepts Moz’s offer and joins the crew.

After clearing back to the ship and offloading equipment, a general call for food goes out and the crew – along with Glorian the construct – return to the Tower and head down to the 6th floor for a meal. The unseen servants promptly provide provender aplenty and the crew’s bear friend eats himself almost into hibernation in short order. During the courses of the meal, Gnimish and Goh investigate the hidden museum again and find that the chessboard is still autonomously playing itself and the miniaturized city is still quite miniaturized. Goh determines that the chessboard still has its attached magical traits and challenges the image of Arvana to a game in return for a wish. She wins and returns the shrunken city to its full sized condition and liberates it, though none among the crew have the slightest idea where it went. Moz determines that the pieces of the board yet live and remain imprisoned and challenges the image of Arvana to a game. Upon winning, he frees the pieces of the board and the board cracks – its magic permanently ended.

Aika and Elwood go to investigate Arvana’s temple on the lowest level, confirming that all is well and also securing a few more magical trinkets. Several groups form and reform and head for the master library on the penultimate floor, whereupon Gnimish finds himself reluctant to leave this wealth of hoarded magical knowledge – some which is truly beyond his ken.

Moz and Brother Joshua make way for the Gaol on the fifth dungeon level and begin to methodically liberate and/or terminate the prisoners therein. A Behir is put down and cut up, a magical bugle of some sort found in its gullet. A Beholder is liberated and its safe liberation secured. A phoenix is also freed. Several slaadi, acting uncharacteristic for their kind, are escorted back to the Gate room and thereafter set loose upon the planes of law. Moz returns to find that the cleaning mechanism for the Gaol had terminated the Beholder before he could return to keep his bargain and escort it to safety. Other creatures were found and put down.

While Moz is attending the prison, he creates a duplicate of himself with the Intrigue Mirror and sends himself off to Fawdant to determine Sumack’s desired course for them. It is determined that the crew will escort two Tinrisian World Navy ships on their shakedown cruise, during which these ships will undertake missionary and trading duties as well as an astronomical survey to determine the feasibility of towing an inert space rock into orbit as a waypost on the borders of Tinrisspace. The duplicate returns without incident and the rest of the crew finish the cleanup of the Tower, allowing several days for rest and relaxation in the newly tamed Tower. Glorian is polled on its desires, and agrees to take basic custodial duties for the Tower while not claiming true ownership.



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