Tinris, The Adventures of the Crew of the Bright Star

Tinris, Season Two - Prologue

It takes the three ships 75 days to travel from Tinrispace to Refuge’s crystal sphere, with pauses for navigational fixes (without entering the spheres of) at Darnannon and Pirtel.

On board the ship bearing his namesake at this time, Moz draws up blueprints for a “ship’s clock” (a clockwork mechanism to keep track to time simultaneously via world time, navy time, and also – most importantly – to keep ships in an action on simultaneous time. One young ork spacehand takes an interest in the Admiral’s strange drawings, and so Moz explains them, to some degree.

Aboard Goh’s namesake vessel, it is later revealed, she gets herself knocked up.

On the Bright Star, Aika and Joshua … vigorously pursue their relationship. Also, while Arturus and Ismek grow closer (much as Arturus and the three blink dogs do – to him, they’re just three other members of the same crew), Aika begins formally training Ismek in swordplay, in particular the use of the longsword he has inherited.

Aika’s attempts to engage Arturus in “sparring” are laughable, bordering on the maddening. Once it’s explained that she means “fight for fun” he’s prone to ditching his weapons and tackling her…as would, say, a bear do.

Ismek sees to the ship’s fabrication of a harness for the weapons that Arturus has seen fit to carry, and a few other small pouches besides, given his reluctance to wear clothing. (Ismek also, 60 days out from Tinris, uses the deck of many things to get himself a luck blade…identical to the blade Arturus now carries.) Shortly thereafter, he and Arturus play with the deck again. Arturus draws the flames card and yet there is no apparent happening. On his Vistani heritage, Ismek takes this for a bad sign and the cards are put away.

On entering Tinrispace, a devil (an Erinyes) appears aboard the bridge. Ismek gives a hue and cry as the ship sounds an alert. In the melee that follows, the whole of the crew pile onto the bridge as the devil and her two summoned bearded devils arrive. Aika, Ismek, and (especially) Arturus make short work of the three, ending the threat thusly.

Arriving at Refuge, the three ships land and the crew of the Bright star disembarks from the various ships that they travel upon.



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