Tinris, The Adventures of the Crew of the Bright Star

Tinris, Season One Epilogue

Two more days have passed and it is the first day of the new year* (specifically the 303rd year of the Era of Law).

The Bright Star lifts, bound for Fawdant with the Captain, Goh, Joshua, Quid, Ismek, Aika, and now Arturus aboard. Arturus is still getting aquainted with the ship, her crew, and the world outside the tower. (The three blink dogs, freed from the Tower, which have taken residence aboard the Bright Star, befuddle him to no end.)

Moz and Gnimish have a plan they want to enact. In cleaning out the tower, an additional scrying device (a crystal ball) was found – Moz has brought it onto the ship with the intention of testing the two scrying devices (the crystal ball and Gnimish’s scrying egg) to see if they will work for long range communication. A test is to be set up to be run right after the _Bright Star _ enters the Phlogiston to see if the devices are capable of peering through the Flow. If successful, Moz wants to see that the Tinrisian navy, or at least its capital ships, have a permanant “seer” position aboard ship, manning the crystal ball each such vessel would be equipped with.

Glorian remains in its tower; Elwood and, ensconced in the library, Gnimish remain as well. Gnimish is compiling a master spellbook from the plethora of books at hand. Over the first few days after the ship’s departure, the Tome of Clear Thought (retained by Gray on his departure) returns to the Tower. Gnimish makes note of this and offers it to Elwood….who finds that the book is in fact cursed (a Vacuous Grimoire) and, resisting its effects, goes downstairs to Gnimish demanding an explanation. Gnimish cracks the covers…and meets with (nearly) the same problem. After loosing the book into the library stacks unintentionally, Gnimish uses his scrying egg to ensure that Gray and Lumbie are okay…and finds that they have grown, very “close.” In the days following, Gnimish takes a break from filling his spellbooks with the reading of the tome of leadership and influence.

On setting down at Fawdant, Moz commisions Quid to the rank of Ensign in the Tinrisian World Navy (in fact, exacts an oath riffed off of the one he took out of her) and places her in charge of receiving “diplomats” in her Keep near Fawdant until the Bright Star’s return. Following, he, Aika, and Arturus tour the two new ships of the Navy (who will be undergoing their shakedown cruise with escort by the Bright Star) while Ismek and Joshua look over the piles of trade goods they will be carrying into space to trade on behalf of the Ilfandrazenaren Trade Guild.

That evening, the crew, the two Captains and their helmsfolk, and all 25 of the missionaries that will be departing with the fleet share a formal dinner. Privately, Father Au of the Barnatím Lawgiver faith discusses with Moz a schism emergent within his priesthood since the return to space began. Some of the Lawgiver’s faithful evidently believe the time is right for a crusade of order across the stars.

The following morning, the three ships set out – the Bright Star, the Mozdanhorzon (the flagship of the new Ertha class spelljamming vessels), and the G0-03-52-E8-F0 Internal Structure Channel 11 (second of that same class), with Moz and Goh respectively aboard the craft bearing their respective names. Moz puts the new ships and their crews through their paces before setting out for the Phlogiston.

Upon exiting the Sphere, a successful test of the scrying devices is performed – wherein Gnimish also discovers his ability to cast spells through the devices by forcing Moz to dance irresistably. The fleet make way towards Refugespace without further delay.

While en route, Ismek finds himself bored by the antics of Aika and Brother Joshua – who have taken to their adult companionship with great enthusiasm – and decides to experiment with his Deck of Illusions. To his consternation, he finds that the cards in his possession are actually the Deck of Many Things. After drawing the Comet and the Moon, he tests his theory that this is not the Deck of Illusions by having Arturus draw from the Deck as well. Arturus first draws the Jester, then opts to draw two further and draws the Balance (thus becoming Chaotic Good) and the Sun (gaining a Luckblade shortsword and growing exponentially in experience).

  • (Note that for bookkeeping purposes, the date of the Tinrisian new year on Spire is 073-324 p.e.)



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