Gnimish o' Uvalnoniz

Consumate Gnome trickster, rogue, and illusionist.


Gnomish (Noniz) Rogue/Illusionist 3/3 (Arcane Trickster 2)

Strength 13 Dexterity 16 Constitution 15 Intelligence 15 Wisdom 15 Charisma 14

32 Hit Points 16 Armor Class

Burijet – his Weasel familiar

Wields a Wand of Wonder and a +1 Rapier as “paired weapons.” Constantly wearing his Goggles of Minute Seeing.


Jninlin (Gnimish) is a 107 year old gnome male from a gnome vale in the eastern Yatil Mountains, near the Velerdyva and the Vesve. Uvalnoniz clan, his lord is Laird Furduch Na’Gwaylar. Born 486 CY

3’4” and 39 pounds Blue hair and blue eyes. Incidentally, blue skin.

Commonly found wearing knee length breeches of stolid color – (brown breeks), a tan blouse, green boots & belt, with a dark brown jacket or coat. Also fond of striped clothing.

The crew’s resident arcane expert, despite his low level.

Has recently developed something of a manic streak after exposure to a magical gas that, to his perceptions, revealed a hidden part of his personality. While very easy to immerse himself in that aspect of himself, it is also somewhat frightening as he does tend to lose control moreso than is safe for his companions.

Gnimish o' Uvalnoniz

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