Aika Coppergate

Aasimar warrior seeking her wings.


Fighter 2

Strength 17
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 14
Charisma 17

36 Hit Points
19 Armor Class (Chain, Shield, Dex)

One rank each in Heal, Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Religion), and Linguistics.

Speaks Common, Celestial, and Halfling with familiarity with both Elven and at least one other language.

Her equipment is sparse – scale mail, shield, and a heavy mace (hand-me-downs from her father).

Feats: Intimidating Prowess, Step Up, Improved Inititive, Dodge


Aika is the adoptive daughter of Father Harn Coppergate, a crippled priest of Celestian who runs a way-shrine on Refuge. She knows nothing of her actual parents save that Harn has instilled in her the belief that celestial blood (specifically, “the blood of angels”) runs through her veins. With her golden hair and (moreover) purple hued everchanging eyes, this seems to be bourne out.

The ultimate goal that Aika has is “gaining her wings” and (as she envisions it) becoming a full angel (the mental picture she has best fits the identity of an astral deva). However she does not have any notion about how to achieve this aside from a belief that such a thing is possible.

To fulfill this, she seeks to become a champion of light – she has been trained as best as her father can given the limited role that his injury allows (he is missing his right leg below the knee). Consequently she has very little actual experience in this matter – but she more than makes up for it in a combination of enthusiasm and a certain amount of raw talent.

Since joining the crew of the Bright Star, Aika has begun training under the paladin, Brother Joshua. She is also quite infatuated with him.
Otherwise (at least so far) she is friendly with Quid, with Ismek, and respectful of Go and Gray, but does not really feel very in touch with either of them.

On her first real “adventure” with the rest of the crew (into the Tower of Aruana Senys) she found herself on the receiving end of a mad gnome with a wand of wonder – her crewmate Gnimish in fact, driven temporarily mad from an inhalation of mind expanding mist – and came out of the experience with green skin…and hair, and eyes.

Aika Coppergate

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