Ismek Vanagas

Transformed master thief.


Human (Vistani) Rogue 11

Strength 10 Dexterity 16 Constitution 15 Intelligence 16 Wisdom 11 Charisma 11

75 Hit Points 18 Armor Class (Dodge, Ring of Protection, Bracers of Armor, Dexterity)

Ten ranks in Acrobatics, Climb, Craft (Trapmaking), Disable Device, Profession (Gambler), Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.

Speaks Patterna, Tralaks, Trade, Halfling, and Thieves Cant.


(Originally an NPC in my Fallen Spire game (in particular the Gatecrashers campaign), he is (somewhat) inspired by The Gypsy Train in Dragon issue # 93, designed by Richard Fichera.)

Originally, an eleven year old human boy; 4’2”, 90 pounds with dark hair and eyes. On his visit to the tower of Arana Sanys, he has since transformed into a 25 year old adult with precisely the skills and ‘experience’ that (he imagines) a ‘master thief’ should have…..leading to him being suddenly very very good in a narrow and specialized field and not terribly good at much else – and at the expense of his psionic abilities to boot. Of course, since then he regards the dukkar “curse” as having lifted…and would no more go back to being a blight on himself and those around him (as he understands being called Dukkar) than he would go back to being a kid traveling amongst adults.

Has made a note that Quid speaks (or at least, understands) Patterna, somehow.

In the aftermath of the crew clearing out the Tower of Arana Sanys, Ismek has taken to carrying a Deck of Illusions and a tan Bag of Tricks with him practically everywhere. Moreso than any weapon save perhaps his whip, they are his preferred “weapons.”

Ismek Vanagas

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