2,000 year old Captain of the Bright Star


Fighter/Rogue/Psion (Telepath) 16/1/1

Strength 16 Intelligence 13 Wisdom 19 Dexterity 13 Constitution 14 Charisma 18

166 Hit Points 28 Armor Class (11 armor, 5 shield, 1 dex, 1 dodge)

15 ranks in diplomacy, 14 ranks in sense motive. 8 ranks (ea.) in disable device, heal, and intimidate.

Speaks Dwarven, Common, Undercommon, Gnome, Giant, Goblin, Orc, Elven, Halfling, Anglic, American, Draconic, Planar Trade and possibly more.


Mozdanhorzon or “M’oz” Alias “Moz”

Had purple skin for a time resulting from first trip into The Tower of Aruana Senys. Shaved head thereafter. Recently regained “normal” colouring thanks to Quid. (REscinded – thanks to a rosepatch underneath the Tower, he’s purple again. It’s a chaotic life.)

Tan skin with ashen pallor; charcoal hair (currently shaved) and gray beard some six inches below his chin, filling in. Piercing blue eyes (though almost an azure since being purple).

Moz is approximately two thousand years old (he himself doesn’t know precisely how old) – originating from a parallel prime material plane before the death of his homeworld. He has wandered the planes variously for at least 1,600 years – and has lived at least four times longer than his people (originally) lived by tradition. He is fully aware of this and it is closer to his surface thoughts than others normally assume.

Moz prefers to negotiate rather than come to blows – a trait that, as he is fond of pointing out, he has had to learn rather than it being any character trait innate to himself. If he can make a potential enemy an ally or friend then so much the better. Still, he has the ghost of older prejudices manifest at times – he still finds it a bit difficult to trust orcs and certain other humanoids but he has done so in the past.

By far, Moz prefers the reproducability and reliability of science and it’s byproduct, technology, to magic but he is a realist and knows that there are just some things that technology cannot do. He prefers magic items that are known quantities (and as old as he is, that’s more common for him than might first be apparent) over newer or more chaotic items.

Other aliases -Formerly known as “Mezzo, Oz, Ozzy” and combinations/derivations thereof (Mezo, Mezzo, Ozymandias, Ozzy etc.) Given name (properly)Me’ ezdanohrzonn (MezDANhor-zon); sometimes rendered Me’ozdanhrzon (‘E’ – prounoun (he, she, or it) ‘ez’ – used for comparisons ‘dan’ – than ‘Ohr’ = I ‘zonn’ – sun) /linguistic wank


Tinris, The Adventures of the Crew of the Bright Star Serendipity