Tinris, The Adventures of the Crew of the Bright Star

Tinris, Season One - Episode Fifteen
Farewell Journeymen

The Bright Star arrives at the twin faerie keeps to find Sumack awaiting them, desirous of “explaination” – which is provided.

Bright Star informs the crew that she requires them to disembark while she completes the act of moving her internal structure around (as she’s been growing slightly but constantly for some time now).

Thereafter, Gnimish, Goh (who is left in charge), and Brother Joshua are dropped off in Fawdant while the rest of the crew (barring Moz) disembark at the Keeps where the Gathering of the Green have arrived.

Bright Star takes off for high orbit – with Moz who accompanies the ship both out of curiosity and a desire to keep her company. Over the next few days, they have “freaky Science Fantasy Hentai sex.” ;)

On the Bright Star’s return, those in Fawdant are gathered aboard and the ship sets about gathering the remainder of the crew from the Keeps. Moz takes in the Keeps over the remainder of that day. The remainder of the crew resettles into the ship which in many respects is like new.

The following morning, the vessel and all crew aboard, depart to return to the archmage’s tower. On arriving, the party again checks each level to be sure on the way down (and yes, again, finds the Tome of Clear Thought – which winds up Gray). The party concentrates on hitting the first/ground floor of the Tower. (Which is inexplicably covered in trees.) After sighting a stag (and bearing mirrors) the party is attacked by six earth elementals – the party manages to dispatch them handily despite Gnimish making one of them LARGER (wonder wand!). In the midst of the fray, Elwood bounds up with a fierce and most un-Elwood like battle cry into another direction entirely. Brother Joshua goes to back him up as does, eventually, Ismek – who dispatches the dryad-appearing ghost they are battling with with his rod of absorbsion….but not until after Brother Joshua has been aged several decades.

Finding an amulet underneath the (presumed) dead dryad’s tree, the party continues on. It is revealed that Elwood’s mace of disruption is intelligent and, moreover, possessed him on sighting the undead apparition (He has no memory of the fight at all) – so it is decided that he will refrain from wielding the weapon, at least for a time.

Elsewhere in the tower’s ground floor, the party finds the reason for all of the petrified items they had noted on their last trip – a medusa who manages to turn Gnimish to stone before Moz hacks her apart.

In the aftermath, the party retreats to the Bright Star save for a party that travels back to the baths level so as to reverse Brother Joshua’s accellerated aging. (In fact, it rolls him back to the age of 16.)

Thereafter, the ship lifts and travels to Carisar in search of a means of restoring Gnimish to a fleshly state. Moz, Ismek, Brother Joshua, and – surprisingly – a very naked Aika depart the ship in search of appropriate garb for this equatorial climate (the reason for Aika and Moz’s general state of undress; Joshua is in a loincloth and tabbard) and, ultimately, a wand of stone to flesh which they procure with the aid of Lilandra Tealeaf, an influential priestess of Ilfandra and member of the Trade Guild.

After Gnimish is restored, the ship and her crew remain for a full day in Carisar. Ultimately, Gray and Lumbie are approached by members of the adventurer’s guild (Rufus Proudfoot, a tiefling-like halfling and a half-ogre) and offered positions aboard a ship nearing construction, owing to their spacer experience. They approach Moz and put this to him and he gives them his blessing with the awareness that they are free to return to the _Bright Star _ whenever they wish. Meanwhile, Aika continues letting her hair down.

That night, the ship lifts and returns to the tower in the morning. Time to see what’s underneath the tower.

Tinris, Season One - Episode Fourteen
Further down the Tower

The Bright Star arrives in Pasyd; Moz & Ismek go to the meeting hall on touchdown and explain the party’s exploration of the The Tower of Arana Sanys and their finding the petrified Larondae Lightfoot and her subsequent return to a fleshly state and delivery of twins with Gnimish’s assistance. Sumack is led to the ship and the woman and both her children are examined and escorted to the meeting hall by Elwood, Aika, Brother Joshua, Gnimish, and Moz.

It is noted that the children are showing signs of “elemental contamination” from having existed in a petrified state for so long, though it does not appear that the children will suffer any lasting negative effects from it. Sumack casts Greater Restoration upon the mother and, as an aside, tells Aika that she is one of the good ones.

Thereafter, the crew returns to the ship, save Moz and Elwood who both travel to the library to research Arana Sanys (and Gnimish, who goes out, finds, and purchases a pair of Goggles of Minute Seeing). Her name does not appear in the records after six hours of research…but an unnamed archmage did appear in records dating from the Time of Legends in relation to a band of heroes that also sought divine ascension. Possibly as adversaries.

The pair return to the ship, Moz checking on Larondae in Sumack’s care before giving the order to the Bright Star to lift. The ship takes an equatorial orbit (the rest of the crew is long since asleep) and Moz talks with the ship until sleep takes him as well.

The following morning, the crew returns to the Tower. Today’s exploration sees the party exploring a level dedicated to extensive mud baths (featuring a giant sapphire as the shell to a flush toilet!) and a level containing a spectral angelic orchestra before descending further to the “final” floor – that would appear to contain many petrified creatures that the party decides to deal with another day.

The party descends further, into a level that Moz is certain is below the ground (the first, effective, “dungeon level” of the tower) to find a subterranian rose garden cut through with a garden path. Traveling for a time, the party comes upon a sleeping mountain lion – no sooner does Gnimish identify the lion (sleeping in a sunbeam through a hole in the cavern roof no less) as an illusion as the creature stands revealed as a gynosphinx.

After a round of riddles which Quid, Elwood, and Goh win at, the Sphinx gives up her treasure chest and departs. The chest turns out to contain an adamantine necklace, two wooden boxes with sliding lids (each containing decks of cards), and a chime.

One of the decks of cards turns out to be a Deck of Many Things. Moz identifies it from a handful of effects (Gnimish is showered in 50 exquisitely cut gemstones after receiving an intelligence boost; Elwood inherits a small keep in the vicinity of Pasyd. Goh is “judged” and – feeling motivated by the “entropy leak” changes her alignment to chaotic good.) before putting the kybosh on that until they are safely aboard ship. The party presses onward to a vast field of roses that, when picked (by Moz, for the ship) result in wand of wonder-like effects. In fact, Moz becomes purple again.

It is on this note that the crew depart back to the ship. Moz sets the ship on course for the Keep and retires for the bath. En route, Quid (into whose possession the Deck has been emplaced) draws a similar result and so on arrival it becomes clear that Keep has doubled in non-Euclidian faerie size. (Quid also identifies the adamantine necklace as a Talisman of the Sphere.)

After arrival, it takes the crew most of four days to explore the bizarre architecture of the combined Keep(s). Gnimish stays on board the Bright Star, finishing his Tome of Clear Thought in the meantime.

Tinris, Season One - Episode Thirteen
Exchange and Sacrifice

After some deliberation, Moz sends the ship back to Lake Umfula for a day’s rest, hoping to return to the Tower in the morning. Ismek hits the town to, essentially, show off (with Brother Joshua trailing not far behind to keep him out of trouble) and makes two pounds of coffee off one of the locals (largely through sheer bravado and pure luck). Gnimish spends the time reading his ill gotten tome. Brother Joshua and Ismek have a heart to heart about what it is to be a man.

The following morning, the crew depart back to the Tower. Arriving, they find things as they left them. Gnimish convinces Moz to gather the other two “returned” tomes. The party does so before making another stop, back at the micro-museum / kitchen they visited the day before leads to Quid beating the chess game apparition…and wishing Moz back to his “normal” appearance.

Following, the crew proceeds without further delay to the next lower level. The door on this level is etched with the holy symbol of the Red Queen, Minrytede, and beyond it lay a tricolor board. Brother Joshua explains the game is called “Exchange and Sacrifice” and it normally requires three players. As such, a scouting expedition by Gnimish is sent ahead without any issue and two doors found. One opens onto a two color board, this one red and white, and the other onto a maze that Quid identifies as the game of Fire and Ice. Gnimish turns loose his wand of wonder on the flame wall and immediately shrinks to a size smaller than Quid’s natural pixie form. She ferries him back to Moz, placing him on the brim of his hat, and then explains that the maze ahead is a long time fae game. Normally, this game starts by one player finding an advantageous item that allows their pieces to proceed through the fire curtains of the maze without injury, but no such is in evidence now. Quid explains that she can shapeshift into a fire elemental, and is sent forward with Aika. A moment later, Aika is sent back for Moz’s flame blade with which to carve a path through the ice walls.

Shortly, Quid and Aika encounter a door and beyond it a room with an imprisoned Noble Efreet. Trapped for millenia in this room, always just in sight of his home beyond the open Gate, he entreats Aika and Quid to free him, promising them three wishes. Aika sees the suffering in his eyes and dismisses him without claiming her wishes, thus prompting him to grant all three in the form of material wealth – over 50,000 platinum pieces. Reporting back to Moz, Moz (with Gnimish on the brim of his hat) steps onto the tricolor board and promptly swaps the conciousnesses of Gnimish, Moz and Quid. Gnimish to Quid’s body, Moz to Gnimish’s and Quid to Moz’s. After some further strategic movement, all are restored to their original bodies and the group proceeds to clean the loot of the Efreet’s erstwhile prison.

During the bagging of loot by Aika and Moz, Quid and Ismek sneak forward to another visible room. In this room, an imprisoned Frost Giant noblewoman, imprisoned by Arvana millenia hence. After liberating her from her bonds, the Giantess attacks Gnimish. Quid runs to get Moz and Aika to assist in the melee, returning in time to lay her low. She had promised her crown to her liberator, but it rolls clear of her body as she collapses in her death throes and nearly crushes Aika to death. After clearing back and resting a moment, the group proceeds to find the Hall of Hands – a room in which a great number of hands and forepaws hold a variety of magical items, rods, wands and rings.

After clearing the room and having Quid and Brother Joshua take it all back to the ship, Gnimish enjoyed a run of fortune with use of his wand of wonder and a newly found rod of wonder. Returning to full size again, he decides to try his hand at returning the petrified pregnant woman, Larondae Lightfoot, to her proper form. As the magic of her petrification fades, she immediately enters labor and proceeds forthwith to deliver twin boys with assistance from Gnimish. The Bright Star relays information to Moz, who recalls the entire team for a day of rest.

After some deliberation over what best to do with the halfling woman and her two children, Moz directs the Bright Star to travel south to Pasyd.

Tinris Season One - Episode Twelve
the Entropy Leak

The crew of the Bright Star spends seven days in the Dwarven capital of Lake Umfula resting, studying, and training in the large dwarven city around Lake Umfula by the same name. Part of the crew stays at the temple of Hafesh (or rather, it’s associated inn the Stallion Rampant) and part of the crew remain on the ship for the duration of their stay.

Lumbie, Gray, and Elwood spend most of the first six days on the ship, studying the magic books recovered from the Tower. Lumbie in particular finds the benefits literally life changing. (His intelligence has literally doubled thanks to the tome of clear thought.) During this time, it becomes clear that Gray and Lumbie are becoming fast friends.

Also during this time, Moz makes acquaintance with some in the city, Aika sees rain for the first time, Goh and Gnimish continue to pursue their relationship, and Ismek seeks training to use the whip he has inherited.

Thereafter, the ship lifts and returns to the Tower.

The crew checks the areas they’ve already explored for caution’s sake. In so doing they find the three magic books they took on the last trip back in the library. Gnimish, Quid, and Aika find that the improvement books have mysteriously reappeared in the 9th floor library. Moz suggests the books are probably illusions – or worse, cursed and institutes a hands off policy. Nonetheless, Gnimish grabs one of the books anyway (secretly).

Continuing further into Arvana’s Tower, the party finds a chamber that begins serving up food, drink, and hookahs almost immediately (via unseen servants). The food proves to be actual food and good to eat besides, but the hookahs are shown to induce a “Babel Tongues” sort of effect – thankfully temporary.

In the (presumed) kitchen from which the servants originate, four things stand out – a force field surrounding a large model of a city (about five feet on a side, with instructions for how to trigger a magnification effect), a chess board with tiny living creatures, and a pair of mirrors.

Moz freaks at the presence of the mirrors – Aika’s apparently contrary nature leads to her identifying one of the mirrors as nonthreatening – and Moz breaks the other with with a bit of zen archery.

in the aftermath, the remaining mirror turns out to be capable of creating temporary duplicates of whom activates it (an Intrigue Mirror), the city turns out to be a REAL CITY, shrunk down to an incredible scale (it’s estimated that the five foot by five foot “model” would be 5×5 MILES if scaled up)..and the chess board leads to a challenge by a spectral halfling woman which Ismek takes. At the price of becoming a chess piece forever, Ismek plays her and – barely – wins…and gains his “heart’s desire.” Instantly, he becomes not only an adult…but a “master thief” (at least, as his imagination expects such to be). His psicrystal goes inert almost immediately and it is later noted that while Ismek’s psi potential remains, he has for the moment lost his psionic abilities.

Ismek for his part is quite happy to be “Ex-Dukkar” (as he sees it, he is freed from being a walking curse).

After Ismek’s transformation, Goh notes that she is feeling comforted that at least she isnt’ the only one changing. Further, this thought leads to the hypothesis that at some point became exposed to some chaotic meme (possibly by Olias?) and since she is the first of the crew to have changed, she has unleashed an ‘entropy leak’ unto the crew.

Given this, the party retreats (temporarily) to the Bright Star, long enough to haul the intrigue mirror upstairs and get a much older (now about 25 to look at him) Ismek some new clothes.

Afterward, the crew return and check out the remainder of that floor. The next room reveals a masterfully crafted bathtub, and shortly after entering a soft illusory music begins to play. With trepidation, the group regards but does not enter the bath until Moz requests Moz2 to do so. Moz2 enters the bath after stripping out of his clothing and armor, finding it quite comfortable. It is not long, however, before they all learn that this water is enchanted to change the bather’s physical gender. Moz2, now Mozina, is sent back to the ship with Brother Joshua to secure more appropriate attire. Returning to the matter at hand, the crew enters a bedroom in which magical – and apparently immortal or artificial – songbirds sing a magical lullabye. Once the spell ends, the group explores the room to find an extradimensional space filled top to bottom with bottles of wine and spirits. After confirming the bedroom clear, the company proceed downstairs. Moz and the front of the column investigate a room in which all surfaces are mirrored and four exits are present. Ismek is asked to check a door for traps after Gnimish fails to hold his lunch in against the waves of mirror-induced nausea. Ismek checks the door and then impulsively steps through – and is immediately teleported elsewhere. The rest of the party holds position on the stairs at Moz’s instruction and Moz proceeds through the door to search for Ismek. They eventually find each other after several more teleports and then find a small smoking lounge with a secret door into another museum. This one has several displays of animals. Checking this out, Moz accidentally unleashes a Flask of Curses upon himself and Ismek before they find another secret door leading to a golem laboratory. After securing that room and pocketing the books detailing golem construction, Moz and Ismek venture forth and without delay find the party again. It is decided to return to the ship for rest and recuperation.

Tinris, Season One - Episode Eleven
The Tower of Arana Sanys

The crew of the Bright Star spend all said four days in Pasyd. Moz spends some time getting acquainted with Father Au, the head of the orcish delegation there. Au facilitates introducing Moz, Aika, and Elwood to a group of dwarves who have traveled from Estryn to seek out Moz’s assistance. A bizarre magical effect has manifested along the dwarves’ potential migration routes and, given the position of the anomaly in the mountains, the Bright Star can intercept and investigate in hours what would take the dwarves months. After some careful negotiation, the crew accepts. Privately, Moz deals with the two emergent relationships amongst his crew by having the Bright Star spike the ship’s water with contraceptive chemicals – with the crew’s explicit permission, after a fairly contentious argument with Brother Joshua on the subject. After clearing the books in Estryn, the crew flies north to the Estryn continent and, after parting ways with the four dwarves who have contracted them, take the Bright Star into some kind of illusion bubble (identified as such by Gnimish). Within the bubble exists a white and blue marble tower rising toward the sky. The Bright Star sets down atop it, only to find (as the crew is disembarking in full dungeoneering regalia) a huge red dragon is bearing down on them while magic mouth spells speak praises of the Tower’s mistress, Arvana Sanys “The Imminent Ascendant Divinity”. The crew flees into the tower from the dragon and Moz orders the ship to lift before finding that the dragon was also an illusion. Moz notes that the illusion “bubble” that the tower exists within works both ways as the sky within the bubble shows the night skies above Oerth rather than the starless skies above Tinris. Entering the Tower proper, the first room encountered is a sitting room in which are tapestries of a sort used primarily by churches to portray their deities holy symbol. This one, a 5 point gold crown on a blue background and with purple trim, very well might represent Arvana’s holy symbol. The next room contains a gruesome museum of various creatures and items. Aika Coppergate violates a direct order to fire her bow into a glass case containing the torso – with wings, arms and head – of a Solar angel named Terr Lightblade. The angel had been silently begging for assistance and Aika was able to read its lips. After the angel’s liberation from its case and a brief discussion of how it got there, Moz offered his ring of regeneration to allow Terr to regenerate the remainder of its dismembered body. Upon becoming complete once more, Terr offers Aika one of its feathers and a promise of future aid should she call upon it in a time of need. It also explains that the mistress of the Tower is dead, provides some information about the other cases and then gates out to return to Celestia. The other cases contain: A shadow key, a shrunken succubus, an infant gnome who had been raised as a mummy, a semi-sentient teddy bear, a display case made of solid force containing an eternally struggling air elemental and vampire in gaseous form and a petrified idol of a pregnant Halfling female. The Halfling idol is revealed, by Terr, to be Arvana’s first apprentice – turned to stone and reshaped into a parody of her true form by Arvana’s jealous rage. The decisions are made to break the mummy’s case and destroy it, open the bear’s case and destroy that and then take the statue back to the ship. While Aika and Moz carry the Halfling statue back to the ship, Gnimish finds the power source for the case containing the shadow key after trying to use his wand of wonder on it and calling forth a short monsoon. Taking the key, Moz and Aika return and the group proceeds into the library one room north. The library yields several magical tomes and a comprehensive history of Tinris from several Era’s previous. The crew head downstairs and find a temple to Eleduna Darkbringer, along with a fully automated steamroom for the storage of vestments. On the altar is a reliquary with a scroll case inside. Further downstairs, the group encounter a secret cache of treasure which turns out to be an illusory trap concealing only two actual treasures. The rest of the floor appears to be comprised entirely of a spiral meditation path, though Moz’s keen architectural sense offers insight that there must be a concealed chamber. Finding it, Moz enters into a sweet-smelling room filled completely with mist. Gnimish, after a moment, pokes his head in to check it out – only to find that the mist had enhancing properties for arcane casters. The heady draw of power eventually overcame him, however, and he – according to Moz – went off his nut. A prolonged chase and capture, then another, all the while Gnimish inhaling more and more of the mist and growing ever more powerful, Gnimish was rendered unconscious and the crew evac to the ship. The wake of the gnome’s wild ride consists of: Moz being purple, Aika being green – a result of Gnimish using the wand of wonder on them; Ismek being terrorized by shadowy black tentacles; and a silver scrying mirror being liberated from its original location and into the crew’s possession.

Tinris Season One Episode Ten
Return to Tinris

After Shore Leave, the crew of the Bright Star and the unnamed Wasp-class auxiliary ship, along with two Arcane escort vessels, return to Tinrisspace. Gnimish provides primary Spelljamming to the auxiliary vessel (upon which Moz, Elwood, Lumbie, one Arcane and two hired bodyguards are also traveling), while Goh is given command of the Bright Star with Brother Joshua acting as Executive Officer. Aika gets to meet the crew in their entirety and native environment and is taken under Brother Joshua’s tutelage for weapon and armor training as well as general guidance. Gray learns to play Go with Ismek and Goh and Ismek unwittingly share a more mature set of dreams. Quid Pro Quo admits, at least to herself, that she would rather try and play nice with the crew of the Bright Star (other than Moz, with whom she plans to carry on playful animosity). The return voyage takes 42 Standard Jamming Days, and is uneventful. Upon entry into Tinrisspace, both crews notice that the celestial body known as Drariso has completed its collision with Tesulild, thus completing the prophecy of Moondragon’s return. Landing on Tinris, Moz finds himself and the complete crew in a meet and greet with Sumack, Au, Black Dougal, Tawny and several other members of the Ilfandrazenaren Trade Guild. An order for 20 more Major Helms and 15 more Minor Helms is placed, along with an order for a Cuttle Command ship. Moz receives restitution for his expense account and the crew and their entourage of dignitaries settle in for a well-appointed meal.

Tinris Season One, Episode Nine
Shore Leave

The Bright Star leaves Tinrispace and, after refueling from the sunshine, passes into the Phlogiston bound for – it is thought – Grayspace. Not four days later however, the ship emerges into a Crystal Sphere in the midst of the Elven Armada. Moz gives the order to bring the ship around and blaze back into the Phlogiston and they manage to outrun a ship giving chase. Some 80 days later, the Bright Star emerges into the crystal sphere known as Refuge – precisely what Moz had been hoping for, an Arcane trading community. (During the eighty days, Moz has formally taken Ismek, and Gray as apprentice thieves and is instructing both of them as well as Lumbie in the arts of fighting.) Eight hours later they set down aboard the moon of Refuge where they spend the next four days on Shore Leave. Leading the party into the spaceport, Moz asks for directions and basic information at a run down shrine/temple of Celestian and meets Father Harn Coppergate, a crippled priest of Celestian…as well as his adopted Aasimar daughter Aika Coppergate, who longs to sign on to a spelljammer and reclaim her celestial heritage. Over the next few days, Moz manages to negotiate the sale of much Tinrisian dwarven wine and the crystal skulls to the Arcane – and purchase a small spelljamming vessel (a Wasp) as well as several spelljamming helms, to bring back to the Ilfandrazenaren Trade Guild. Meanwhile Brother Joshua is exposed to sushi and rice wine before accompanying Ismek, Gnimish, and Elwood on a flitter voyage to the surface of Below, the closed Arcane world that Refuge orbits. Both Gray and Lumbie, curiously, remain aboard ship most of the time the Bright Star is in port, still adjusting to freedom. Ultimately, one of the arcane assists Gnimish in learning the basics of spelljamming as he will be piloting the Wasp back to Tinrispace as part of a convoy with the Bright Star and several Arcane vessels. Aika is offered a position aboard the Bright Star by Captain Mozdanhorzon and the ship lifts.

Tinris Season One, Episode Eight
Under the Iron Crypt

Retrieving what they can of Go’s remains, Brother Joshua and Moz evacuate from the crypt and make it back to the Bright Star, enlisting Tawny, the leader of the druids camped outside, to reincarnate the (already mutating) modron and after some negotiation and payment, Black Dougal. Aboard the Bright Star, the druid reincarnates Go….as a gnome. No sooner has Moz recognized the significance of this when another of the Fey pops into existance aboard the ship – Elwood P. Dowd, Pooka Bard. A day of deliberation later, Black Dougal takes his leave – tendering his surviving gear to the crew in recompense for their aid in returning him to life – and with Go remaining aboard ship – both for (now) her protection and while she sorts out the intense disorientation she is experiencing – Moz and Brother Joshua return to the Iron Crypt. A few near critical failures with the clockwork trap later and the final crypt is opened – leading to an encounter with several Driders and a black orb of negative energy. In the ensuing melee, the orb begins to grow and the Driders are slain to a single survivor before Moz “kills” it with a portable hole. In the aftermath, Moz is brought to the drider community below the crypt and Moz negotiates with their leader for the lives of their “food” – descendants of three parties of adventurers who had sought to penetrate the Iron Crypt’s catacombs generations ago. In the end, the “food slaves” are evacuated to the Cloister, and the Driders are relocated to the equatorial regions of Tinris. Thereafter, the Bright Star departs Tinris, outward bound for Arcane Space.

Tinris Season One, Episode Seven
the Iron Crypt

Returning to the Ordocar Cloister, Moz, Brother Joshua, and Go leave the Bright Star to investigate the Iron Crypt. With some assistance from a group of druids allied to the Cloister (the Gathering of the Green) as backup, the three explore the ruins of the Abbey and fight a pair of Stone Golems. Plumbing the depths further, the group stumbles upon the body of Black Dougal, a high ranking member of the Adventurer’s Fellowship, dead to a cunning pair of traps that drained him of much of his life energy before elecrocuting him with a massive bolt of lightning. His body is put in Moz’s portable hole in the hopes of ressurection or reincarnation. They proceed through the trapped door that killed Dougal and after a series of traps and mechanical challenges (and no too few battles with the undead) lead them to a great clockwork puzzle featuring six enormous gemstone skulls. Moz puzzles over the means to unlock it before – after many successful engineering marvels in the crypt – making a critical error. The party is bombarded by a destruction spell. Brother Joshua and Moz survive but Go does not.

Tinris, Season One - Episode Six
The Detour

Season 1, Ep 6 – The Detour: After a day of shopping and exploration, the crew board the Bright Star to venture back to the Saint’s Blood Mountains and the Iron Crypt of the Heretics. Upon landing at the Ordocar Cloister, however, it is realized by Moz that most of the crew have not had a proper rest period since first landfall on Tinris. A palaver with Master Chief Eunni provides insight into the adventure ahead. Then the crew all hit their bunks for a good night’s rest. Ismek, Go and Gnimish all have a very prophetic dream, leading them to an adventure of their own at a town called Muffin’s Honor. Kobolds are met, a quest is presented and rewards are offered. The crew adds a Choker whom Ismek names Gray and an outcast Kobold named Lumbie.


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