Tinris, The Adventures of the Crew of the Bright Star

Tinris, Season One - Prologue
The Adventures of the ship Bright Star begin.

While wandering south with Ismek and Go, Moz encounters the ship Bright Star as it lands to refuel and resupply on Spire. Approaching, Moz finds the ship has psychic projection capabilities and makes contact. Boarding, he is welcomed aboard and becomes the de facto captain of the vessel is it, unknown to him, bonds to him. A course is set to Tinris. Meanwhile, Tinris is shifted back into the proper flow of time and space by Ilfander and preparations are underway to welcome home the last ship of the Tinris World Navy.

Tinris, Season One - Episode One
Gnome On Board

While en route to Tinris, a refueling stop is needed. The Bright Star sets down on the surface of Oerth and promptly encounters a Gnome named Gnimish. He and his clan approach and peaceful contact is made. Trade is invoked and after parley a number of items – mundane as well as magical – are traded in exchange for a large number of gemstones. Gnimish joins the crew as a trade envoy, his clan leader offering his services and Moz accepting the same. The Bright Star lifts off after a full resupply and makes way for Tinris without further delay.

Tinris, Season One - Episode Two
The Prophecy Fulfilled

Upon arriving in Tinris space, an unknown creature calling herself Quid Pro Quo appears on the bridge of the ship uninvited. After an explanation is made, it becomes clear that Gnimish’s presence in Tinris space has changed the nature of the world’s laws. Furthermore, Quid Pro Quo explains that she has borrowed the Bright Star to complete a change to the orbital mechanics of the celestial body called Drariso so that a long imprisoned deity whom she calls Legion or The Moondragon can be freed. Once the change to Drariso’s orbit is complete, control of the Bright Star is returned to Moz and the ship lands on Tinris at Fawdant’s Pasyd Spaceport.

Tinris, Season One - Episode Four
The Blue Aftermath

During Moz’s rest, Gnimish and Ismek take a moment to experiment with Gnimish’s Wand of Wonder. After causing a patch of grass to grow beyond its natural capabilities in the depths of winter, Gnimish tries again. And finds himself irrevocably altered, with his skin, eyes and all parts of his body turned a unique shade of blue. The last use of the Wand on that day results in a massive discharge of lightning, which reduces a nearby boulder to pebbles. Meanwhile, inside the ship, Moz wakes to find himself diminished. His psychic prowess reduced, he wanders out to find the Ordocar Paladins requesting his aid. An agreement is made wherein the ship will ferry the bodies of the fallen to the coast for proper burial at sea and a course is set for Mandracus Isle. As the departed are offloaded and sent out to sea, Go and Gnimish wander to a nearby escarpment to try their hand at fishing. It is at this time that Gnimish notices that Go’s form seems to be changing to something less perfectly square and geometrical.

Tinris Season One Episode Three
Putting the Fun back in Undeath

After introductions are made between the crew and a local delegation of the Ilfandrazenaren Trade Guild, the Judges Association and the Ordocar Order of Paladins. After dinner and some negotiation, a decision is made that Moz will be accompanied by Brother Joshua Haverson of the Ordocar Order to the Order’s nearby cloister to investigate a loss of communication. Shortly before arrival, the crew spot an Orc woman face down in the snow and covered in blood. It is quickly determined that the cloister is under attack by a substantial number of undead creatures of unknown origin. Upon arrival at the cloister, the gates are found shredded from their hinges. A long struggle against the hordes of the undead is drawn to a close. Despite a great rallying of the Ordocar Order’s forces, many brave Paladins and Clerics died in the assault on the cloister. Moz returns to the Bright Star physically exhausted and suffering from multiple scars to his very soul

Tinris, Season One - Episode Five
A Brief Stop in Carisar

After completing body detail, it is determined that Brother Joshua will be joining the crew on a provisional basis. The rest of the burial detail are returned to the cloister to begin the cleanup and rebuilding process and a trip to the Halfling capital of Carisar is decided upon. A shopping list is drafted for necessary supplies, and a short jaunt later the ship settles in what the crew – and the Bright Star herself – believe to be Carisar. In point of fact, however, this is Lost Carisar, the former capital that was destroyed in the Halfling’s Great War several thousand years after Bright Star left port. A quick skirmish with the undead that now rule this ruin follows and after the boarders are repelled, a course back to Fawdant is set. Supplies are taken on and an arrangement of mutual first option is drafted between Sumack of the Trade Guild and Captain Moz. The ‘Forces of Chaos’, namely Quid Pro Quo, Gnimish and Ismek are left to wander the port city as it stirs to newfound life as the Tinrisian World Navy.

Tinris, Season One - Episode Six
The Detour

Season 1, Ep 6 – The Detour: After a day of shopping and exploration, the crew board the Bright Star to venture back to the Saint’s Blood Mountains and the Iron Crypt of the Heretics. Upon landing at the Ordocar Cloister, however, it is realized by Moz that most of the crew have not had a proper rest period since first landfall on Tinris. A palaver with Master Chief Eunni provides insight into the adventure ahead. Then the crew all hit their bunks for a good night’s rest. Ismek, Go and Gnimish all have a very prophetic dream, leading them to an adventure of their own at a town called Muffin’s Honor. Kobolds are met, a quest is presented and rewards are offered. The crew adds a Choker whom Ismek names Gray and an outcast Kobold named Lumbie.

Tinris Season One, Episode Seven
the Iron Crypt

Returning to the Ordocar Cloister, Moz, Brother Joshua, and Go leave the Bright Star to investigate the Iron Crypt. With some assistance from a group of druids allied to the Cloister (the Gathering of the Green) as backup, the three explore the ruins of the Abbey and fight a pair of Stone Golems. Plumbing the depths further, the group stumbles upon the body of Black Dougal, a high ranking member of the Adventurer’s Fellowship, dead to a cunning pair of traps that drained him of much of his life energy before elecrocuting him with a massive bolt of lightning. His body is put in Moz’s portable hole in the hopes of ressurection or reincarnation. They proceed through the trapped door that killed Dougal and after a series of traps and mechanical challenges (and no too few battles with the undead) lead them to a great clockwork puzzle featuring six enormous gemstone skulls. Moz puzzles over the means to unlock it before – after many successful engineering marvels in the crypt – making a critical error. The party is bombarded by a destruction spell. Brother Joshua and Moz survive but Go does not.

Tinris Season One, Episode Eight
Under the Iron Crypt

Retrieving what they can of Go’s remains, Brother Joshua and Moz evacuate from the crypt and make it back to the Bright Star, enlisting Tawny, the leader of the druids camped outside, to reincarnate the (already mutating) modron and after some negotiation and payment, Black Dougal. Aboard the Bright Star, the druid reincarnates Go….as a gnome. No sooner has Moz recognized the significance of this when another of the Fey pops into existance aboard the ship – Elwood P. Dowd, Pooka Bard. A day of deliberation later, Black Dougal takes his leave – tendering his surviving gear to the crew in recompense for their aid in returning him to life – and with Go remaining aboard ship – both for (now) her protection and while she sorts out the intense disorientation she is experiencing – Moz and Brother Joshua return to the Iron Crypt. A few near critical failures with the clockwork trap later and the final crypt is opened – leading to an encounter with several Driders and a black orb of negative energy. In the ensuing melee, the orb begins to grow and the Driders are slain to a single survivor before Moz “kills” it with a portable hole. In the aftermath, Moz is brought to the drider community below the crypt and Moz negotiates with their leader for the lives of their “food” – descendants of three parties of adventurers who had sought to penetrate the Iron Crypt’s catacombs generations ago. In the end, the “food slaves” are evacuated to the Cloister, and the Driders are relocated to the equatorial regions of Tinris. Thereafter, the Bright Star departs Tinris, outward bound for Arcane Space.

Tinris Season One, Episode Nine
Shore Leave

The Bright Star leaves Tinrispace and, after refueling from the sunshine, passes into the Phlogiston bound for – it is thought – Grayspace. Not four days later however, the ship emerges into a Crystal Sphere in the midst of the Elven Armada. Moz gives the order to bring the ship around and blaze back into the Phlogiston and they manage to outrun a ship giving chase. Some 80 days later, the Bright Star emerges into the crystal sphere known as Refuge – precisely what Moz had been hoping for, an Arcane trading community. (During the eighty days, Moz has formally taken Ismek, and Gray as apprentice thieves and is instructing both of them as well as Lumbie in the arts of fighting.) Eight hours later they set down aboard the moon of Refuge where they spend the next four days on Shore Leave. Leading the party into the spaceport, Moz asks for directions and basic information at a run down shrine/temple of Celestian and meets Father Harn Coppergate, a crippled priest of Celestian…as well as his adopted Aasimar daughter Aika Coppergate, who longs to sign on to a spelljammer and reclaim her celestial heritage. Over the next few days, Moz manages to negotiate the sale of much Tinrisian dwarven wine and the crystal skulls to the Arcane – and purchase a small spelljamming vessel (a Wasp) as well as several spelljamming helms, to bring back to the Ilfandrazenaren Trade Guild. Meanwhile Brother Joshua is exposed to sushi and rice wine before accompanying Ismek, Gnimish, and Elwood on a flitter voyage to the surface of Below, the closed Arcane world that Refuge orbits. Both Gray and Lumbie, curiously, remain aboard ship most of the time the Bright Star is in port, still adjusting to freedom. Ultimately, one of the arcane assists Gnimish in learning the basics of spelljamming as he will be piloting the Wasp back to Tinrispace as part of a convoy with the Bright Star and several Arcane vessels. Aika is offered a position aboard the Bright Star by Captain Mozdanhorzon and the ship lifts.


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